December 5: World Soil Day

The UN General Assembly created World Soil Day to allow local, national and international governments, as well as the general public to organize events to monitor and assess our current soil management. One of the goals of this day is to gain attention, raise awareness and mobilize resources to meet sustainable development goals.

Objectif Sciences International, an NGO which works closely with the United Nations, participates in the GENEVA FORUM in order to make communities aware of the importance of maintaining ecosystems for human well-being and that soils are one of their essential elements. Soils allow among other things, to regulate the impact of our actions on the climate and biodiversity; however, soon they will no longer be able to do this, as a result of excessive degradation.

If you wish to attend or present a project at the Forum, please register under the “Rights of Nature" category by clicking on the following link: GENEVA FORUM Program

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