Appropriated Technologies

  • Collaboration on the constitution of the Agenda

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Communication of the General Assembly's agenda

    To know the fixed order of topics

  • Preparation of the animation of the Forum

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Meeting Place

    Just meet with Future !

  • Executive Round Table

    To be ready to act now

  • Closing cocktail

    Aperitif only for people who participated to public (...)

  • General Assembly of the NGO "Objectif Sciences (...)

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Opportunities of Ethical Business Projects for Sustainable (...)

    Presentations of educational, technological, (...)

  • Full Programme : 7 to 11 December 2020

    A One-week High-Level Meeting that Help you to Change (...)

  • Sustainable Travel and Tourism for Peace and Development - (...)

    7th International Annual Conference at the United (...)

  • Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation (...)

    5th Annual International Conference - High Level (...)

  • CrowdFunding, Smart Finance and Responsible Investment for (...)

    5th International Annual Conference - High Level (...)

  • Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - (...)

    9th International Annual Conference at the United (...)

  • Market Place

    The Networking space of the GENEVA FORUM

  • Training to Excellence for Young People

    Programme for the involvement and empowerment of young (...)

  • Smart Cities, Habitats and Architecture

    Des villes intelligentes ou des villes pour demain ?

  • Agriculture et Alimentation

    Continuer une sur-production inégalitaire et (...)

  • Transports et Energies

    Vers la fin des énergies fossiles

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