September 27: World Tourism Day

The UN General Assembly created World Tourism Day to allow local, national and international governments, as well as the general public to organize celebrations. One of the goals of this day is to gain attention, raise awareness and mobilize resources to meet sustainable development goals.

Objectif Sciences International, an NGO which works closely with the United Nations, participates in the GENEVA FORUM in order to highlight and assess the progress pertaining to sustainable and ecologically responsible tourism. As one of the most important sectors in the world, tourism generates 10% of total jobs per year. This is why the international community must undertake to limit its impact on the environment.

If you wish to attend or present a project at the Forum, please register under the “Sustainable Tourism" category by clicking on the following link: GENEVA FORUM Program

  • Collaboration on the constitution of the Agenda

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Communication of the General Assembly's agenda

    To know the fixed order of topics

  • Preparation of the animation of the Forum

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Meeting Place

    Just meet with Future !

  • Executive Round Table

    To be ready to act now

  • Closing cocktail

    Aperitif only for people who participated to public (...)

  • General Assembly of the NGO "Objectif Sciences (...)

    Internal meeting for members of the NGO

  • Sustainable Travel and Tourism for Peace and Development - (...)

    7th International Annual Conference at the United (...)

  • Market Place

    The Networking space of the GENEVA FORUM

  • Smart Cities, Habitats and Architecture

    Smart cities or cities of tomorrow?

  • Transports et Energies

    Towards the end of fossil fuels

  • Women Empowerment

    Women empowerment and gender equality: towards (...)

  • Research and sciences

    Science and research needed to decode the world around (...)

  • Philosophy and Ethics

    Shouldn't we always be seeking the best for all living (...)

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