Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual (...)

6th International Annual Conference in United Nations See detailled presentation

Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - Annual (...)

6th International Annual Conference in United Nations See detailled presentation

6th Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - 11 and 12 December 2017, United Nations
One week of High Level Meetings, Crossing the Spheres of the Stakeholders
The halfway point between the PORTO-ALLEGRE FORUM and the DAVOS FORUM ; the platform for the creation and development of projects for peace and SDGs.


6th Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development - 11 and 12 December 2017, United Nations
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Call for Contribution 2017:

International Annual Conference on the Rights of Nature
December 11-12, 2017
United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

The program

Thursday December 11 and 12, 2017

from 09:00 to 18:00

Monday evening, de 19:00 à 23:00 : Networking Dinner of Rights of Nature Networks


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Presentations will be held in english and french. Debates and questions will be organized in english and french. Thank you to use the form at the bottom of the page to subscribe including only for audience.
Leading Projects of Education to Science and Citizen Sciences since 1992, and creating 1st Participatory Researches Camps in 2004, the NGO Objective Sciences International have the Special Consultative Status to United Nations. Active in all continents, the NGO organize every year, since 2012, the International Annual Conference on Rights of Nature in United Nations, at which one participate all Governments actives in this domain or interested by these works. The objective of this Conference organized into the heart of the United Nations hemicycle is to allow all the actors and operators in these domains to exchange, meet and share directly and at the largest international level.
Interactives Dialogues of the UN and Rights of Nature

The experts who are solicited annually by the Bureau of the United Nations in charge of the initiative Harmony with Nature, exchange already at national and continental levels (Europe, North America...) following diverse groups of themes. This Conference organised in December permit to work on the results of the High Level Interactive Dialogues that was done, and to prepare the objects of thinking for the next Interactive Dialogues. The one who want to exchange and share their ideas, practices and solutions, at worldwide level, meet at the end of the year for the International Annual Conference organized in United Nations.

Protection of Nature / Legal personality of Nature / Living Beings / Sustainable Development

Several public or associative organizations, and citizens, that are active in the domain of Rights of Nature, federated or organized, at the international level. The main national actors, the federations, and the specific operators, organized presently at the international level, and are called to meet annually at the end of the civil year, at the International Annual Conference on Rights of Nature, at United Nations, in Geneva.

This annual space of sharing results and pooling of skills, allow to the actors of the domain to exchange practices, solutions, ideas, needs.

Your Annual Exchanges Resource

In the following of the national and continental meetings that are organized in each country and continent by the local federation, this International Annual Conference at United Nations allow the actors to implement in consultation, or to inform mutually, of progress and actions they lead during the year, or that they have in project.

The participants at this Conference are:

  • Local and regional actors of different countries
  • Thematic Actors by disciplines
  • Regional or national federations
  • Thematic Federations, by disciplines
  • Large Institutions of Rights of Nature
  • Associations of Defense and Protection of Nature
  • Government departments (Environment, Education, Research, Sustainable Development...) and international associations of Ministries
  • Specialized Journalists (law, science, environment, education, sustainable development ...)
  • UN agencies (UNDP, UNEP ...)

Subjects that are in the agenda of December 2017 are:

  • Earth-centered Law
  • Ecological Economics
  • Education for a natural behaviour of respect of Nature
  • Holistic Science and Researches
  • Humanities for Rights of Nature
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • The Arts, the Media, Design and Architecture
  • Theology and Spirituality front of Rights of Nature

Detailed Program

Exchanges between stakeholders of the meeting will happen in a round table between speakers and debates with the audience of the Assembly.

Organiser : NGO Objective Sciences International, Geneva
Co-Chairpersons :


Here the Programme of the 5 days of GENEVA FORUM of December 2017, where are described the 2 days dedicated to the Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development Goals.

Programme of GENEVA FORUM 2017 (Public side)
Monday Morning : Networking and One on One Meetings
Monday Afternoon : Make nature the Center of People’s Priorities
Monday Evening : Annual Networking Diner of the Networks of Rights of Nature
Tuesday Morning : Strategies for Defence of Rights of Nature
Tuesday Afternoon : Make People Nature’s Helper

Official Opening Session - Monday 11 December 14:00

Session organised in partnership with Rights of Mother Earth, the Bureau Harmony With Nature of United Nations and Objectif Sciences International.

  • Keynotes
  • Remarks on current situation
  • Remarks from the side of the Governmental Representations represented

Already Validated Presentations

to come

Presentations curently in Validation process

Advancing Holistic and Ocean Rights-Based Governance

The ocean covers over seventy percent of our planet, generates over fifty percent of the oxygen, regulates climate and provides food and jobs for millions of people. It is truly the source of life. Despite international laws and agreements designed to sustain and protect the ocean, ocean health is in decline. This is because current ocean law and policy largely adopts a human-centered worldview rather than an Earth-centered worldview. We treat the ocean as an infinite “resource,” with value derived from human use and utility, when in fact, it is a finite entity with its own limits and intrinsic worth.

Earth Law Center (ELC) is promoting a new paradigm for ocean governance- one that focuses on the Ocean’s own well-being and is guided by principles of sustainability, ecosystem health, precaution and interconnectedness. In line with SDG 14; we must aim to not only establish protection for marine ecosystems and species, but to ensure these areas are fully protected and effectively managed. This can only be done through the adoption of holistic and rights-based law and policy.
Topics of discussion:

  • ELC’s Rights of the Ocean Initiative, launched at the UN Ocean Conference with over 60 signatories from 32 countries (http://bit.ly/ELCocs)
  • An overview of current Ocean Law and Policy
  • Why a holistic and rights-based approach is necessary to ensure a healthy and thriving ocean and society
  • What would a holistic and rights-based approach look like in practice? (Focusing on Marine Protected Areas and Marine Mammal Sanctuaries) What are the necessary legal components? How can we integrate Earth Law into Ocean Law?
    Mrs Michelle BENDER, Earth Law Center, United States, www.earthlaw.org

Rights of Nature for Peace: Environmental Education and SDGs

Capitalizing on the emergent debate of the Rights of Nature for Peace, this paper provides an overview of the co-evolutionary processes that life has developed over billions of years on our planet. The main intention is to identify their operational principles and strategies in order to learn how to co-evolve in harmony with our environment. Humans have much to learn from Mother Earth to build sustainable futures. The philosophical considerations from nature show us that those co-evolutionary operational principles of ecosystem cooperation must be bio-mimetically copied, emulated, and improved to reduce ecological footprint. Environmental Education is the proper field to raise SDGs awareness in formal and non formal education. In conclusion, biomimetic emerges as a sustainable worldview that uses nature as teacher to face the complex challenges of the Anthropocene.

Mr Javier COLLADO RUANO, National University of Education, Ecuador, www.unae.edu.ec

PROPOSAL of a joint Indigenous-Western presentation

We are concerned that we have little time left to turn climate change and destructive corporate practices around, and we believe that we need to address the root of our problems: our thinking. As Glenn A. Parry wrote: “We need to reclaim a wider and wiser consciousness that is increasingly whole and interconnected.”
The question we are often asked is, does it matter in today’s times that Indigenous peoples have lived sustainably for millennia, that they have treated the Earth with profound respect and acted as Her custodians? The answer is ‘Yes’. We know that the world’s natural ecosystem has declined by 52% since 1970.
According to the UN, Indigenous territories are estimated to cover approximately 20% of the Earth’ landmass. What is astonishing is that this 20% landmass stewarded by indigenous peoples contains 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity.
Indigenous peoples demonstrate how to live in accordance with Earth Law.
INTERWOVEN PRESENTATIONS – Indigenous and Western joined together
Calixto and Eva will both speak from their backgrounds, Indigenous and Western, and will conclude together in the final piece.
Calixto will speak about how the Mamos, the spiritual and secular leaders of the peoples of the Sierra, understand Earth Law.
“The wisdom of Arhuaco people is not just of one person, we are a unity of ancestral culture. For that the Mamos don’t manifest themselves as wise men, healers or curanderos. We are harmonizers and guidance counselors, fundamental principles of any culture of our planet.
What we are seeing how we are impoverishing the planet and those who live there in our way of thinking is nothing in nature is considered evil, everything is good. What is causing all of this is becoming wicked, are human’s laws. The humans have changed another direction having strayed from their path and are accelerating their self-destruction.
The natural law is simple: humility to take from nature, to maintain
balance spiritually and physically.
For us, the Arhuaco, the humility is a sign of wisdom. That’s what we want to pass to future generations. The Mamos invite you to rediscover our ancestors, our roots and taking care of these roots, of the knowledge of the Mamos. In this way, we could arrive into the deepest aspects of this knowledge and transmit it to someone else. In the holy and snowy lands of Santa Marta, there is valuable Knowledge to share on philosophy, medicine, and the interpretation of the phenomena that occur in and around us.”
Eva will speak about the merging of Indigenous knowledge with innovation and sustainability.

  • What is the relevance to today’s business?
  • why and how with practical examples and case studies from around the world:
  • Case studies: integrated renewable energy in Indigenous communities
  • Indigenous Rights Risk in investing – the business case for the establishment of a positive and negative investment risk filter in SRI investments;
  • Indigenous biomimicry – the joining of Biomimetic innovation with traditional knowledge
    Both presenters will join in the conclusion.
    Earth Jurisprudence - giving the living systems legal rights
  • Relevance to business incorporating traditional knowledge
  • why and how - practical examples and case studies from around the world.
    This presentation will be co-presented between two directors of 1Earth Institute Inc. We are an Indigenous-Western partnership operating globally. We have offices the US and Australia. We merge Indigenous knowledge with sustainability and innovation to integrate solutions from a shared knowledge base for a common and mutual benefit.
    The presentation will be shared by two people who bring in the bookends of the Indigenous-Western spectrum:
  • Eva Willmann de Donlea – Executive Director
  • Calixto Suarez Villafane – Director, Arhuaco Elder from Colombia. Calixto acts as emissary of the Mamos Majores (Chief Elders).

Public policies and the rights of nature to live well (buen vivir) in harmony with Nature

The presentation intends to demonstrate that for the integral development of the relations between all the members of the nature are realized in harmony and for the efficiency of a Universal Declaration of Rights of Nature it is essential the promulgation of related public policies that foment and promote the execution of projects and activities so that the cities and other spaces of the community became a healthy and peaceful living environment.
For a Universal Declaration of Rights of Nature we must cover various disciplines that establish the conversations necessary to demonstrate the interdependence of all who live in the planet and thus constitute it in its universality. It is necessary that we abandoning the anthropocentric perspective in favor of affirmative polycentric biopolitics. In that way, could be possible achieving thus enough momentum to overcome the ecological crisis in which the world is currently plunged. For the successful implementation of these proposals, one needs to recall the invocation of the Law of Universal Fraternity, that prevails regardless of legal enforcement and becomes immanent throughout the entire legal system by the practice of the action of loving – this action being rather natural to everything that is contained in its universality, including the Earth itself under the laws of relativistic quantum physics. Include, most of all, the perception that the love is an expression of better ways to humankind make relations beginning of a relationship with itself as a person, with the community and with all others members of Earth.
The greatest expression of this new way of relating is in the midst of the smaller community, the family, which is the basis of a society and thus of the State, whose closest manifestation of each of the individuals that are related occurs in the cities.
The environment for the development of such relationships must be prepared and maintained in conditions that provide a way of living in full, in harmony with nature.
In São Paulo - Brazil we are enforcement this kind of activities and the presentation intend to show how it is working.
Mrs Vanessa Oliveira, MAPAS, Brazil

The bakery loop for tomorrow

Integrating Rights of Nature with "The bakery loop for tomorrow" The bakery loop system which is conceptual of saving energy, saving the nature life and species under the water and reserving the resource environment to ecological.
For the past 5 years, I’ve developed a bakery product loop. Both technically to business. Based on the concept of sustainable development. From the beginning of the bakery business process. By using non-hazardous materials and ingredients :such as gluten-free flour, purified water are the main ingredients. Include the use of ingredients that are low GI and trans fat free. Milk and butter from non-genetically engineered animals, and any injected. Select energy efficient baking techniques both electricity, wind and water supplied. Especially use "Blast chiller/freezer systems shock products to prolong thelife cycle of bakery products without preservative agents added.To producehealthy bakery products for both human and natural aquatic life for Bread Kratong festival ,(such as fish: the final consumer of the business), as well as the selection of safe packaging for the ecological system. Can be decomposed naturally to keep fresh and warm such as non-foam type package, recycle paper. And set a fair price for selling.
This system has been used to operate bakery business in leading company which has many branches in Thailand. After the research has achieved results which has significant and credible. "The bakery ring for tomorrow" has the potential to become a bakery loop for nature and the environment. Support for sustainable biological systems development. Its a bakery production loop that has valuable for human life and non-human beings. By maximizing the use of environmental resources and ecologically friendly and truly return right for the nature according to the concept of Integrating Rights to the Natural.
Mr Pathawit Chongsermsirisakul, Chulalongkon University, Thailand

How anthropogenic barriers along national borders harm the rest of life

There are several prominent examples around the globe of proposed or actual large-scale barriers that have been put in place to control human movement across national borders. These can be detrimental to the rest of life, by cutting natural territories and limiting migration, for instance. Alternatives to such borders include peace parks, but further solutions are required if we are to reverse the detrimental effect on the rest of life that such barriers can have.
Mr Joe Gray, http://www.ecologicalcitizen.net/, UK

Allowing room for the Other, other people, other Species
Allowing room for others is essential for the reverence and respect necessary to form and foster relationships. Relationships are the key to both sanity and happiness. A community of relationships binds us together with one another. It is no less true for our relationships with the rest of nature than it is for our relationships with other human beings.
Mr Steve Szeghi, Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio, Participant on the United Nations Commission Harmony with Nature in discipline Ecological Economics, www.wilmington.edu

Integrating Rights of Nature with Agricultural Development
The most important problem for the future of humans, other than the control of their populations, is how are they to be fed without threatening more and more of the natural world and species diversity? For the passed 40 years we have been developing agricultural techniques modelled on how ecological systems work, and run experimental farms to test the results. The whole farm becomes a nature reserve, it is a self sustaining highly diversified system where the net biological production is increased and the intrinsic value of the living and non living world a central concern.
Mrs Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington, Centre d’eco-etho recherche et education, France/UK, www.eco-etho-recherche.com

Conclusions of the Monsanto Tribunal The Hague of 14-16 october 2016
The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide. Eminent judges will hear testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. A parallel People’s Assembly provides the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want.
The Tribunal and People’s Assembly will take place between 14 and 16 October 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.
During this Presentation, we will expose the conclusions of the session of 14-16 october 2016.
Mr Hannes LAMMLER, European Civique Forum, Monsanto Tribunal Steering Committee, http://www.monsanto-tribunal.org/

How to initiate a World Right Referendum
in order to recognize fundamental rights for non-human beings

As an introduction: presentation of the progress since the international conference ’Who has Right to the World?’ (organized by Védegylet in 2012 in Budapest) and since the OSI Geneva conference in 2013.
The concept and the new strategy of a World Right Referendum in order to recognize fundamental rights for non-human beings - not waiting any more for any future administrative solution by others but assuming our own responsibility. So this very first global referendum would propose an effective recognition of fundamental rights for Nature by the signature of the declaration, which could be signed progressively without any time limit or marketing goal (such as gathering one million signature, etc.) Indivuals could sign as well as organizations, local, regional or national governments, churches or even companies. This initiates a brand new method after the general strategy prevailing till now: green movements trying to put pressure by popular petitions on governments and international organizations which has never lead to any significant global change. This World Right Referendum shows that the real change strats by assuming our own responsibity by recognizing fundamental rights for Nature. Without this change in our own
Gabor KARDOS, Védegylet - Protect the Future, www.védegylet.hu

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