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Food and energy autonomy in space

How to achieve food and energy autonomy in the International Space Station? See detailled presentation

Food and energy autonomy in space

How to achieve food and energy autonomy in the International Space Station? See detailled presentation

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While human beings have set out to conquer space, innovations are being thought out every day in order to extend the limits of the possible. One of the major current projects is to achieve perfect food and energy autonomy on the International Space Station, aiming to enable astronauts to travel even further into space.

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Currently, the International Space Station is supplied with energy thanks to its large solar panels, which allow it to be completely autonomous. This is not the case for food supplies, which requires a delivery of fresh products by cargo ship every two months approximately.

In this perspective, extra-terrestrial agricultures projects are being tried out. As of today, a few initiatives have been set up :

  • Vegetable crops planted on the Moon;
  • A project for autonomous closed-circuit system, requiring minimal crew involvement, which has not been yet implemented;

Food autonomy would allow astronauts to go on longer missions, especially to Mars. Although the basis of their diet is freeze-dried food, fresh produce is essential for nutritional balance and to counter to monotony of meals.

Thus, extra-terrestrial agriculture is still in its experimental phase and is a fertile ground for innovation. In the long term, since it must cope with as few resources as possible and unfavourable basic conditions, the techniques developed will be able to be implemented on Earth.

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