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CO2 absorption and storage

How can CO2 be absorbed and stored efficiently? See detailled presentation

CO2 absorption and storage

How can CO2 be absorbed and stored efficiently? See detailled presentation

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In 2015, the Paris Climate Agreements inaugurated ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond the necessary profound transformation of our consumption and production patterns, new technologies are beginning to be conceptualized. These would make it possible to absorb CO2 and store it in an environmentally friendly way...

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The GENEVA FORUM invites you to propose your solutions in this field.

CO2 absorption and storage systems are mainly developed to treat extremely polluting industrial installations. These can be coal-fired power stations, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, cement factories, etc. The concept is to isolate and then capture the CO2.

Once captured, the CO2 can be transported by various means to be stored in the earth’s underground. Indeed, these have the capacity to retain greenhouse gases for more than a million years. This is what was discovered with the Iroko tree in Benin, which stores CO2 by forming crystals that eventually turn into limestone around its roots, thus preventing them from being released into the air.

Beyond the mechanisms existing in nature, some technologies have been invented in this sense:

  • Giants in the oil industry are currently thinking about an industrial-scale CO2 capture plant, and are seeking to prove its economic viability;
  • Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne have developed a CO2 capture system that would allow heavy goods vehicles to travel in a neutral manner, thus revolutionising maritime transport;
  • Very few other initiatives exist to date.

Thus, this field remains open to innovation. It would be possible and innovative to envisage capture mechanisms that could be incorporated into our everyday life, such as on the facades of buildings, in public places, etc.

Suggest a solution !

If you wish, you can present, alone or with others, your proposals to the UN and you will be accompanied in the creation and development of activities based on these proposals.

Come with your ideas, prepare yourself, and participate actively in the workshops of the GENEVA FORUM. Meet your future teammates and get ready to actively change the world!

If you wish to propose a solution to the World in this field :

1) Search and select the International Conference at the UN on which you want to present your idea or solution by consulting this list of GENEVA FORUM Conferences (click here)

2) Fill in the form to submit the abstract (a summary) of your presentation (click here), stating "Yes" in the box "Is your presentation, a proposal for a disruptive technology ?"

3) Come at the next GENEVA FORUM, and give a short presentation of 5 minutes (pitch) and then participate in the one hour workshop following your presentation, with GENEVA FORUM participants who will want to move forward with you.

On site, our team of one-on-one meetings will welcome you in a specific way as a carrier of alternative solutions, and will be in charge in particular of :

  • connect you with the existing Participatory Research Programmes in which your proposal can be the subject of a project
  • and/or accompany you in the creation of a new Participatory Research Programme if your proposal should be the subject of a fully-fledged Programme
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