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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) See detailled presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) See detailled presentation

What are some of the steps to take for those aspiring to attend the GENEVA FORUM?
This is what you need to do in order to take part in the Forum :

  • Check the relevant pages of the conference to get the appropriate information,
  • Fill out the pre-registration form by clicking on this link : INSCRIPTION FORUM DE GENEVE
  • Please ensure that you have received the necessary instructions (check the spam folder) for your registration.
  • Fill out the second registration and confirmation form.
Quand doit-on nous rendre à Genève afin d’être dans les temps à notre conférence?
  • Dans le cas où la conférence qui vous intéresse se déroule le matin, vous devez vous rendre au Palais des Nations la veille, durant l’après-midi, afin de récupérer votre badge d’accès à l’ONU. Le soir, vous pourrez accéder aux repas Networking de plusieurs thèmes, tels que « Citoyens du monde et Tourisme Responsable » le Lundi soir ou encore « Droits de la Nature » le Mardi soir.
    Si vous désirez y participer, vous retrouverez toutes les informations nécessaires après avoir fait votre pré-inscription grâce au formulaire ci-dessous, dont le lien qui vous permettra de réserver votre place au dîner de votre choix.
    Remplir le formulaire de pré-inscription disponible à l’aide de ce lien : INSCRIPTION FORUM DE GENEVE
  • Dans le cas où la conférence qui vous intéresse se déroule l’après-midi, vous devez vous rendre au Palais des Nations le jour-même, à 10h au plus tard, afin de récupérer votre badge d’accès à l’ONU. Si vous désirez repartir le jour-même, vous pourrez prendre votre transport à partir de 20h.|
Which expenses are covered by the GENEVA FORUM?
The GENEVA FORUM will take charge of the whole conference week organization in the UN Palais des Nations which will allow participants to fully enjoy the meetings and get to know each other. On the other hand, the conference speakers and auditors will be expected to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.
Will the accommodation and travel expenses of invited conference speakers be covered by the GENEVA FORUM?
As stated above, the GENEVA FORUM will host the week-long conference in the UN Palais des Nations where you will have the opportunity to meet with your peers.
During this forum, even when invited by the organizing committee itself, speakers will still be expected to finance their own accommodation and travel expenses.
However, please enquire whether your institution is able to cover the Forum expenses considering that it counts as a scientific conference. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team if you need an invitation letter.
Will the speakers coming from very far have their accomodation fees covered by the GENEVA FORUM?
De la même manière que nous ne prenons pas en charge les frais de transports, nous ne pouvons malheureusement pas prendre en charge les hébergements de tous nos conférenciers.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation or travel expenses for all our speakers.

We do however offer low-cost housing options available in Geneva:

Comment obtenir une lettre d’invitation?
Que ce soit pour un visa ou pour demander les fonds en interne dans votre institution, il faut :

  1. Remplir le formulaire de pré-inscription, disponible ici : INSCRIPTION FORUM DE GENEVE
  2. Suivre les instructions, reçues sous 24h, où vous trouverez le formulaire « demande de lettre d’invitation »
  3. Remplir le second formulaire afin de déposer votre présentation afin que nous puissions continuer de valider votre inscription au FORUM DE GENEVE

Chaque année, les demandes de lettres d’invitation sont traitées à partir de juin. Plus vous avez déposé votre demande tôt, mieux c’est pour l’organisation.

Can I become a member of the NGO Objectif Sciences International?
To join OSI as an individual member, you must adhere to one of the structures of the NGO; in this case, registration to the Geneva Forum automatically qualifies you to become a member of OSI.

You may become a core member of the NGO by undertaking one of the following programs as well:

In either instance, an opportunity to attend the GENEVA FORUM is offered so that you may get in touch and discuss your project with the NGO.

Can I start a local OSI group in my country?
As long as there is no existing local group in your country, you may establish one by acting as a local representative. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Attend the GENEVA FORUM and get acquainted and discuss your project with the NGO leaders.
  • Please refer to the local group creation tutorial provided on this link: LOCAL GROUP CREATION TUTORIAL
How is the GENEVA FORUM associated to the UN?
Objectif Sciences International and the Geneva Forum are both accredited by the UN and they hold an ECOSOC advisory status.
Different GENEVA FORUM sessions are held in partnership with different branches of the United Nations.
How do the Geneva Forum attendees benefit from the UN?
The UN plays a key role in international decision-making, as such you will have opportunities for collaboration with a variety of stakeholders.
In addition, the outcomes and recommendations of the conference will be shared with all relevant United Nations entities involved in specific issues.

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