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  • Citizen Science and Fab Labs

International Annual Conferences

    • Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation (...)

      5th Annual International Conference - High Level (...)

    Transversal Goals

      • Philosophy and Ethics

        Shouldn't we always be seeking the best for all living (...)

      • Research and sciences

        Science and research needed to decode the world around (...)

      • Business Creation and Development

        Is making profit incompatible with the challenges of (...)

      • Women Empowerment

        Women empowerment and gender equality: towards (...)

      • Transports et Energies

        Towards the end of fossil fuels

      • Agriculture and Food

        Should we go on with inequitable overproduction or (...)

      • Smart Cities, Habitats and Architecture

        Smart cities or cities of tomorrow?

      Business Platform

        • Opportunities of Ethical Business Projects for Sustainable (...)

          Presentations of educational, technological, (...)

        Permanent Call for Proposals

          • Bioclimatic architecture

            How to design architectural projects by making the (...)

          • Food autonomisation of cities

            How to promote and allow food self-sufficiency within (...)

          • Submarine biodiversity hotspots

            How to act against oceans' desertification ?

          • Solutions for an efficient International Organization

            How to make an International Organization effective?

          • Alternative methods of education

            Can't education be done only by the formal method we (...)

          • The Continuum Concept as a Key to Unlocking Education

            Drawing the benefits of the Continuum Concept methods (...)

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