Who is OSI / Who organizes the GENEVA FORUM at the UN ?

Find out more about the organizers of this event. See detailled presentation

Who is OSI / Who organizes the GENEVA FORUM at the UN ?

Find out more about the organizers of this event. See detailled presentation

The multi-level and inter-professional platform for services to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A Key Role

The aim of the GENEVA FORUM, organized by the NGO OSI, is to create a meeting of all the active parties who wish to collaborate on the subjects on the agenda from one year to the next; for example: green technology, the energy of the future, and, of course, science education.

The GENEVA FORUM allows different operational spheres on the planet, who might not necessarily meet otherwise, to cross paths and meet each other. This is an invaluable role.

Who is OSI?

Objectif Sciences International is a science education focused NGO, which has special consultative status of the UN (ECOSOC). It has been a leader in the field of citizen science (since 1992) and is the organisation that created the first participative research camps (2004).

This NGO organizes science education activities and scientific research in support of solving our sustainable development problems (water, food, energy, biodiversity, climate...). It brings together volunteers of all ages who come to learn various techniques from different scientific disciplines by using them in the framework of participative research camps (field trips, science vacation camps...). These activities, which train people to research by doing research itself, take place in the form of trips organised for students of scholarly institutions, in the form of vacation camps for children and teens, or even in the form of holiday trips for adult and university level participants, businesses or public organizations.

The largest scientific institutions, other large NGOs, governmental institutions and citizen networks who wish to develop their own participative science projects have access to the entirety of the services provided by the NGO, Objectif Sciences International, in particular via the platform that is the GENEVA FORUM.

A Powerful Means of Action

The set-up of scientific, technical and environmental solutions for sustainable development has two key features of making progress on innovative solutions with a research team and of welcoming volunteers who come to make themselves useful while learning by using the techniques to be learnt.
To this day Objectif Sciences International is the only NGO, out of all of those who organize Solidarity Vacations (trips for adults), to make their trips accessible to the whole public; there are many socio-professional advantages to doing this, which are as varied as the range of professions necessary to ensure the smooth running of these activities:

  • Researchers, Universities, Lecturers
  • Teachers
  • Professionals in the domain of Travel and Tourism
  • Professionals in the domain of Crow Innovation
  • Professionals in the domain of Inclusive Education and Innovative Education
  • Professionals in the domain of Citizen Science, Participative Science and Participative Research
  • Fab Labs
  • Funding for Sustainable Development
  • Networking for Sustainable Development
  • Professionals in the domain of Crowd Funding
  • Professionals in the domain of the Right of Nature
  • Professionals in the domain of Conflict Resolution

There are activities that take place on every continent, and in every technical domain (environment, biodiversity, electronics, aeronautics, architecture, energy, archaeology, astronomy. geology, marine biology, etc.).

The Roots of the GENEVA FORUM Idea

Objectif Sciences International organizes its international annual general assembly in a public form.

  • The goal: to allow discussions and meeting to unfold as widely as possible with the stakeholders in civil society and the decision-makers.
  • The outcomes: decisions made by the NGO and its members based on the opinions and questions of everyone present; to have word of the activities passed on by as many participants as possible.

The History of the GENEVA FORUM

After 3 pilot GENEVA FORUMs, organized in 2001,2002, and 2003; in January 2013, following the celebrations of the NGO’s 20th anniversary (1992-2012), the NGO created the GENEVA FORUM as you know it today, which has been held from then on once a year, for one week in December, at the UN.

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