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Online access to the Geneva Forum

See detailled presentation

Online access to the Geneva Forum

See detailled presentation

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Participate in the Geneva Forum

To join the event, we invite you to click on the link that we will send you by email and on the program. You will find one link per daily conference. The conferences will take place on the online platform ZOOM. We advise you to have the application on your computer beforehand.

You will be asked not to activate your camera in order to fluidify the network.

Ask questions during the conferences

If you wish to ask questions during the conferences, this is possible. You will not be able to activate your camera and microphone during the event but a Chat platform is available. Some of the questions asked will be answered live by the speaker. For other questions, you will find the answers on an online page of the Geneva Forum website. Please ask your questions "to everyone", not just the speaker.

Translation Channel

For all of our conferences we will offer live English/French and French/English translation. Indeed, during the same conference, the speakers will be able to adopt either English or French.

Network connection

To optimize your experience at the Geneva Forum, we advise you to check that no other device is connected to the same Internet network as you and to dissociate the connection of your cell phone and your computer.
You can also close or pause all the applications and software open on your computer.
If you are a participant, these instructions are just tips. If you are a speaker, they are mandatory.

Time shift}

Our conferences are available worldwide. However, be careful because the times announced in the program are those of Geneva (Paris time zone).

Here are some connections, 3 p.m. in Geneva.

- Tokyo (Japan) +8 hours: 23 hours
- Beijing (China) +7 hours: 22 hours
- Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) +0 hour: 15 hours
- Nairobi (Kenya) +2 hours: 17 hours
- Santiago (Chile) -4 hours: 11 hours
- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) -4 hours : 11 hours
- Mexico City (Mexico) -7 hours: 8 hours
- New York (USA) -6 hours: 9 hours
- London (England) -1 hour: 14 hours

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